Hacksaw Ridge — The Power of Plot

Hacksaw Ridge defines the raw emotion roller coaster film, and Gibson guides it perfectly leaving your soul throbbing. Some may say this film is a B action movie wrapped by a velvet story. I disagree, and the raw talent displayed by Andrew Garfield (Desmond Doss), and his supporting cast, enhance a story that easily could have become a cliche with another group of actors.

Andrew Garfield delivers a powerful performance, his face steering us on a dime, and keeping our emotions tuned throughout the film.  Gibson used Garfield’s incredible emotional range with several mid close-up shots. From the romantic scenes, in the beginning of the film, to the fear, and shock, of his journey through combat. His command over his delivery makes it easy to see why Garfield got the Oscar node.

Rachel Griffiths and Hugo Weaving–of “The Matrix” fame– show their acting experience as Doss’ parents.  Weaving’s performance stood out from the group, and it is my option, with high regard for Jeff Bridges’ performance in “Hell or High Water”, that Weaving deserves an Oscar nomination for Actor in a Supporting Role. Brilliant performance!

While allot of the movie was embedded with raw gore, it’s meant to offer just that. While other films offer a more multidimensional story and characters there is no denying the herculean weight of the Hacksaw Ridge story. It has it’s own orbit that consumes imperfections, that would be in tight focus in other pictures. It is going to be an Academy Award juggernaut.



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